Are you up in the Light or in the depth of Darkness?

Our true nature's hide at times, you might be flying up near the good Light or be stuck beneath the cruel dirt of the Dark. Take this quiz and find out which one you are. (Fixed)

Created By Chadwick
On Dec 6, 2018

May I ask, what is your favorite color? (Out of these)

If you had the oppurnunity to pick any super-ability of the following, which one would be your choice?

Powers not much of your thing? Then how about some weapons?

Scenario Time: You're in what appears to be a Medieval Town in a new world, when an odd fellow greets you with job oppurtunies. Out of the choices he gives you, what do you pick?

If you could anywhere right now, where would you go?

Pick a movie from this selection.

Choose one of the Elements.

Scenario Time (Again): You are sent to go to an unknown location via letter, you are allowed to take one person with you. Who do you grab and go with?

Pick an Animal/Creature.

What answer do you pressume you'll get?

Final question, let fate take its course.

You're the Light

You're the Light

You're the Light, innocent and cheery you might be and at times without knowing you bring kind joy to someone's life without meaning too, but it is part of your nature after all. Most people that are Light tend to be care-free and free spirited unable to show themselves to the world with all the great they can offer, but at times that's not always the case since there's always the quiet Light as well who doesn't truly tend to be risky and may stays to the rules but with the sweetness most of that type have they get a spot open for Light to enter. Congratulations?

You're the Dark

You're the Dark

You're the Dark, by any means you have a deeper in sight of the human nature and how cruel people can truly be. You're either a rather shy person with a twisted mind or someone who should be watched at all times due to the possible chaos you can cause. Loneliness might be a problem but you deal and at times let the quiet, trembling dark become a part of you and grow to some inescapable depths of no return. But no one cares anyway right?