Family Roles- Husband and Wife

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Aquisha Harris
Created by Aquisha Harris
On Sep 1, 2016

Who is the head of your household?



Both! We are a two-headed monster

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Does your marriage/relationship require constant communication?

No-We are fine! We talk when necessary.

Yes- We need to check and double check with each other.

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Wives: Is your husband a good leader and visionary?

Yes! He does a great job! I have no problem following him!

Kinda-He needs to consult with me more and include me.

No- He does what he wants with no regard for me.

I'm the leader and visionary! He doesn't do anything

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Husbands: Is your wife submissive and happy to carry out the vision?

Yes-She is always a team player and we get it done.

Kinda-She submits but can be contrary at times

No- she does her own thing

NO comment but she's the worse!

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