Need a personal loan? Here’s why you should try aggregator sites.

Anushka Kapoor
Created by Anushka Kapoor
On Mar 8, 2019
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Need a personal loan? Here’s why you should try aggregator sites.

There comes a time in all our lives where we will need financial help. It could be to cover urgent medical needs, handle your marriage expenses or cover the education cost of your children. It could also be to start a business or help expand your trade. In such scenarios, the easiest ways to get the financial help you need is to opt for a personal loan. The best part is that, with the internet, getting these loans has just become easier and easier.

Most lenders maintain websites where you can go from application to approval in minutes. There is no documentation required and some lenders will even send their representative to your doorstep to finalize things. However, there is another alternative to applying directly at a lender’s website and that is to go through one of the many aggregator sites. These sites hold numerous advantages and this article will highlight some of these plus points so you make informed borrowing decisions when in need of personal finance solutions.

1. A detailed comparison in seconds.

Comparing deals is one of the most important parts of your debt decisions. Without a thorough comparison, you could end-up with a not-so-great personal loan. You could be burdened with higher rates, higher charges or poor customer support, all simply because you didn’t invest time to compare the market properly.

However, this is understandable. Today’s quick paced life gives us little or no time to sit down and compare options. In this case, you can simply visit a personal loan aggregator site. It will have a detailed comparison of all the lenders and financial products to give you a good perspective of the loan landscape.

2. Pre-negotiated deals.

Personal loan aggregator sites provide lenders with bulk enquiries. On account of this, some lenders will offer these sites pre-negotiated deals that they offer to you. So in a way, going through an aggregator site could get you a deal you wouldn’t be provided with if you went directly to a lender. Often, the difference might seem negligible but over the tenure of the loan, even the slightest rate reductions can save you a lot of money.

3. No need to contact lenders.

Some personal aggregator sites will have a simple application form that you need to fill.  Once you fill this form with the required details, the aggregator will submit your profile to all the lenders they have registered with them. Now, all you have to sit back and let the lenders contact you. When they do, you can get exact quotes from each of them, discuss the details of their loans and then make an informed decision between them.

4. Unbiased reviews.

Another great advantage of visiting aggregator sites is the fact that they provide unbiased reviews. Something that’s become very rare with most lenders employing marketing agencies that spam search engine reviews with fake reviews to boost the image of their clients. Apnapaisa Personal loan aggregator sites will have real reviews from actual borrowers thereby giving you a better & real idea of a lender.

These were some of the main reasons why you should consider personal loan aggregator sites when in need of quick financing. We hope this article has been help make aids you in making sound borrowing decisions. Good luck and all the best!