How Old Is Your Mind?

Do you act like someone under 18 or older?

Anthony Crivellone
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On Jun 17, 2015

Would you rather have family or love with a BF/GF?

Would you rather party or stay home and sleep?

Backyard or living room?

Alone or with family and friends?

What do you consider yourself?

Virgin (someone who doesn't date yet) or lover/BF/GF?

It's over! Did you like this quiz? :p

JK this is the last question, what's your favorite animal?

You're under 18!

You're under 18!

You are funny, loved, and if you are older, want to hold onto youth as long as you can get the best of life. You are active and like to run and have fun.

Older than 18

Older than 18

You're more responsible, and can sometimes be thought of as uptight but
usually fun, and well liked. It's good to be how you are. You like to be active and like to see family.

Older than 50

Older than 50

Wishing you could sleep whenever you want but still might have to work.
You wish you could stay home whenever you feel like it but you still want to be active and be with people.

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