TRIVIA - Can You Name Nintendo GameCube Games From A Single Screenshot?

Nintendo has created a wide variety of games and consoles. The GameCube was released in Japan on Sep. 14, 2001. Since it's release, several games have become classics through this console. Will you be able to name these games? Let's find out!

Anniston Weber
On Jun 28, 2016
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This game was released in 2002 and features a character known as F.L.U.D.D.

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This game features a "Hero" and "Dark" story line to follow. The game also features "Chao's", a virtual pet that can be played.

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This game was played in real-time. Seasons changed accordingly and different events occurred on different days of the week. Nintendo has continued with this game series for the DS and the Wii.

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The GameCube version of this game was released in 2003. This game was considered 'darker' compared to the rest of the Zelda games. This game even sparked a popular Creepypasta known as 'BEN drowned'.

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This game released in 2001, marking the second time where Luigi is the main character.

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This crossover fighting game was released in 2001. It's the second in the Smash Bro's series.

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This game was released in 2003 and was the only game in it's series at the time that allowed cooperative gameplay.

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Released in 2002, this game was the fifth installment of it's series. It took place on the planet Tallon IV.

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This action-adventure video game took place on Dinosaur Planet. It was the final game for the developing company "Rare" before it was bought by Microsoft.

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This game included many high-speed racing modes. It's the only Kirby game to be released on GameCube.

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This game was released in 2004 exclusively for the GameCube. It featured both regular Pokemon and shadow Pokemon.

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Released in 2004, it was the second in it's series. It allowed players to skate through new and remade classic levels.

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In this game, the player controls Captain Olimar, an astronaut who crash-lands on a mysterious planet. Olimar befriends little creatures and uses them to help collect parts for his spaceship.

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Released in 2003, this game's plot revolves around an assortment of characters, each with the goal of either destroying Soul Edge or obtaining it to achieve personal goals.

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Released in 2005, it's the 7th installment of it's series. The goal of the main game is to collect stars, however many mini games are featured throughout.

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