Do You Have Good Genes? Take This Quiz To Find Out

You can pay a hundred dollars to get your genes tested, or you can take this free quiz! Does your DNA stand up to the best in the world? Are You destined for disease due to your faulty genes? Take this quiz to find out!

Anna Claro
Created By Anna Claro
On Sep 4, 2018

What's your racial background?

Did either or both of your grandparents immigrate?

Did either or both of your parents immigrate?

Did YOU immigrate?

What religion does your family follow?

What season were you born in?

What was your best subject in school?

Are you any of the following? Native American, Russian, Irish, Jewish, Dutch, Korean...

You have good genes!

You have good genes!

Congrats! You don't have a history of famine, war or plague in your family line. You can look forward to many healthy days ahead of you.

You have average genes

You have average genes

You have average you might have a a bit of a history in your family of disease and famine, but it'll only make your immune system stronger.

You have pretty bad genes

You have pretty bad genes

You've got weak genes! And we're not talking about the ones covering your butt! You come from a long line of slavery, famine and disease. Just make sure to eat your vegetables and hopefully you'll be fine.