Are You A Freak? Or A Geek?

You already know you're an outcast...but which one?

Anna Claro
Created By Anna Claro
On Jan 31, 2018

What would you rather wear to school?

What's the better prank?

Did you go to prom?

Which song is better?

What would you rather dress up as for halloween?

Which Dungeons and Dragons character do you choose?

Why would you skip class?

Would you rather get drunk? Or get high?

You're a...Freak

You're a...Freak

You're an outcast but it's because you don't give a sh*t about what society wants you to be. You'd rather just rock out with your friends. You're truly too cool for school.

You're a...Geek

You're a...Geek

You're an outcast, but it's only because you're too smart to hang out with simple-minded people. You'd rather spend your time playing dungeons and dragons and watching old re-runs of SNL than engage with society.