13 Times FRIENDS Fully Understood Coronavirus Self-Quarantine

The coronavirus has caused most of us to stay at home...all day. Why does FRIENDS just always seem to understand our struggles?

Anna Claro
Created by Anna Claro
On Mar 30, 2020

When Joey ate a strange mixture of food.

You're official out of fresh meat and produce, but it's ok. You'd rather have peanut butter and rice cakes for dinner than go out to a germ-infested grocery store. Eek!


When Phoebe got addicted to Miss PacMan.

During quarantine, you're finding a lot more time to play video games. You're also remembering how addictive they are...


When Ross told his roommates to "keep it down".

Everyone's working from home now, so that means hinting to your roommate to, you know...NOT blast the latest Joe Rogan podcast at 9am?...


When Rachel resorted to talking to stuffed animals.

Spending prolonged periods of time indoors can make your mind go to some strange places. Don't pretend you haven't asked your teddy bear, "are we gonna be ok?"...


When Joey made his stance on food crystal clear.

Quarantine means stockpiling food and you'll be DAMNED if your roommate "accidentally" eats your cereal. Not this time buddy!


When Chandler added THIS to his day planner:

With more time on our hands, we're finding ourselves carving out time to relax and TBH, it's actually kinda nice!


When Monica realized this:

Being stuck at home with your little brother was NOT apart of your march break plans. You're freaking out because there's no escape.


When Ross and Joey took the greatest nap ever.

Naps are a THING when you're under quarantine and they only get better by the day. Wake up...eat...nap...eat...nap again. What else are we gonna do?


When Monica vacuumed the vacuum.

Seriously, germs could be anywhere which is why you sanitize your hand sanitizer...with sanitizer....before you use it. You're not taking ANY chances.


When the boys de-oiled their t-zones.

You've been make-up free for days and are finally letting your skin breathe. Face masks are a quarantine essential. No one important is gonna see you so...why not?


When Joey got really...really bored.

You'd be surprised what crazy ideas start creeping into your brain after you've been bored for literally days. Fire Ball actually sounds like a pretty good idea at this point!


When Joey made a moody face while looking out a fake rainy window.

You spend a solid 10 minutes everyday just looking out the window, watching the 1 car that drives by, wondering...when will this be over?


When they were there for each other.

Even though this virus has physically separated us, we feel connected to our community now more than ever. We're in this together and we will continue to support those at risk until it's over. Aw!