Think You Can Pass This Ocarina Of Time Trivia?

The Legend of Zelda has had many wonderful games in its long running history. Ocarina of Time is, to some, still the greatest of the series (though there is certainly room for argument). How well do you remember this time-jumping adventure from the Nintendo 64?

Angel Gabrielli
On Feb 2, 2017
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Link was raised in the _____ Forest, under the watchful eye of the Great Deku Tree.

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Who was Link's best friend in the Forest?

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Ganondorf was born King of the ______ before gaining a part of the Triforce and conquering Hyrule.

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When he meets her at the Hyrule Castle, Zelda gives Link a quest to find ... what?

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Which of the three Golden Goddesses is associated with Wisdom?

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Which of these items is NOT required in order to beat the game?

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Where did Link travel to acquire the Spiritual Stone of Fire?

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Impa saves Zelda from the evil Ganondorf. Impa is one of the...

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To protect him from Ganondorf: the Sages held Link within the Sacred Realm for how many years?

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What item allows Link to dive deeper underwater?

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Do you remember the name of this unique blue Cucco who rarely crows?

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Which of these masks was NOT in Ocarina of Time?

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Which of these characters became the Sage of Spirit?

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What song is known as "the melody of the Royal Family"?

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How many Gold Skulltula Tokens were needed to obtain the Giant's Wallet?

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