How Well Do You Remember The Castlevania World?

Have you played all or most of the games in the Castlevania series? Know all the characters and locations? Let's see how much about this dark world you can remember!

Angel Gabrielli
Created by Angel Gabrielli
On Jul 31, 2015
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Which Belmont do you control in "Castlevania", the first game in the series?

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Which of your 3 allies in "Castlevania III" is a pirate?

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The main character, Hector, from "Curse of Darkness" is a "Devil _____".

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Who is the final Boss that Shanoa must face in "Order of Ecclesia"

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In "Rondo of Blood" you are trying to save your wife from Dracula. What is her name?

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What type of weapon do the Belmont family pass down from generation to generation?

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What "Portrait of Ruin" character constructs paintings that contain pocket dimensions?

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In "Lords of Shadow" the first major enemy you face is what?

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Who reveals himself as the actual villain behind Zobek's plot, in "Lords of Shadow"?

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Soma Cruz, the hero from "Aria" & "Dawn of Sorrow", is actually ...

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What member of the Belmont clan does the graphic novel "Castlevania: The Belmont Legacy" follow?

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In "Symphony of the Night" what character in Dracula's castle aids Alucard by selling him useful items?

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In "Castlevania II", what item can the player use as a shield from enemy projectiles?

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Simon Belmont was featured in which cartoon series?

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In "Castlevania: Bloodlines" you control two different characters. Which one is related to the Belmont family?

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