Will You Survive Pennywise?

Answer the clown's questions right. Or you'll float, too.

Angel Estrada
Created by Angel Estrada
On Sep 11, 2017

Hi. How are you?

What's a pretty person like you doing in a place like this?

How's your family right now?

Mind if I visit them?

Can I visit you?

What are you afraid of, then?

You sure?


YOU.... Will Survive!

YOU.... Will Survive!

Not sure how you did it, but congrats. You live. Well played. Always the tough ones, isn't it? This definitely wasn't the first freak you've told to get lost either, was it? You should be proud. Let your friends know you survived Pennywise & see if they'll float....

You. Are. MINE.

You. Are. MINE.

OKIE DOKIE! Thanks for playing! I really enjoyed it. Gets lonely down here. But you knew that. You'll know a lot more about it after dark, too. Don't worry, I won't be late.