Can You Pass A Mythologies Test From The Victorian Era?

Can you ace a set of 20 questions created for students in Victorian era London? Only one way to find out!

Angel Estrada
Created by Angel Estrada
On Feb 20, 2019
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Zeus is to Odin as Hercules is to:

Which Greek God resides over thine seas?

Ares and Athena are both:

Jupiter is to Zeus as Pluto is to:

The Valkyrie depict victory in which mythology?

In which river to the Dead reside?

If thine Gods live in Asgard, you then live in:

Before King Arthur was his father:

Aphrodite shall bless thee in all areas but:

And her [Aphrodite] heavenly body is known as:

To which heavenly body [planet], then, is the King of all Greece's Gods, Zeus, associated?

And then to Mars, we associate:

To whom do you pay respects for hunting?

To whom does King Arthur pledge his love?

To where do the highest of Greek Gods call home?

To whom is the Parthenon built?

What name was given to Thor's mighty hammer?

Jörmungandr is name to:

Skadi [Norse] presides over the:

From whom does King Arthur retrieve Excalibur?



Fantastic! By getting more than 75% of these tough questions answered, you've passed a test written for London university students in the last 1800's Victorian Era! A master of both Greek and Norse mythology, you've known an incredibly high knowledge of these two European mythologies - both of which were all the rage in the Victorian Era.

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You didn't pass! This was a hard one, wasn't it?

You didn't pass! This was a hard one, wasn't it?

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