Can You Pass Rhetoric 101?

Much more than a dirty word, rhetoric is the art of effective and convincing communication. Can you pass basic rhetoric?

Andy Kubai
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Which types of media are affected by rhetoric?

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Which rhetorical fallacy does the following statement represent? "Dr. Marten's is a footwear expert, so if he says I need boots, I need boots."

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"All humans are mortal.
Kristen Wiig is mortal.
Therefore, Kristin Wiig is a human."
This is an example of a ____.

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Which type of argument tries to appeal to an audiences' sense of reason?

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What does the term anaphora refer to?

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What are the 5 Canons of Rhetoric?

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Which is an example of a "red herring" logical fallacy?

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Which Roman statesman emphasized the importance of a broad liberal education (including history, politics, art, literature, ethics, law, and medicine)?

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Which type of argumentation tries to appeal to an audiences' sense of emotion?

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What is progymnasmata?

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What does the French term "belles lettres" refer to in classical rhetoric?

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