The Ultimate Willy Wonka Quiz

Who remembers the original Willy Wonka film?
Do you think you will remember it well enough to pass this quiz?
Test your memory!
But no cheating allowed.
Good Luck!
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Andy Gregoriou
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On Sep 21, 2015
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The chocolate river was made of real chocolate, cream and water...

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Denise Nickerson didn't want to do the nose picking part in the film because she had a crush on one of her cast mates...

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Ernest Zeilger was almost blind so when he had to look in certain directions during the film they told him to look for a coloured light, what colour was that light?

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Julie Dawn Cole badly cut her knee in one of the scenes and if you watch carefully in one of the first scenes you can see her stocking is all bloody...

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Gene Wilder's acting on the boat scene scared the other actor's because they thought he was genuinely going mad

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Where was the movie shot?

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What language could some of the Umpa Lumpas not speak?

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What was Willy Wonka (Gene Wilder's) flower shaped cup made out of?

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What objects were actually edible in the film?

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Why did Denise Nickerson have to be turned over several times throughout the day whilst filming the Blueberry scene?

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