How Much Can You Remember About 1988?

What were you doing in 1988? Take the test and see just how much you remember about that iconic year! See how much you paid attention! I bet you can't get 100%. Good Luck!

Andy Gregoriou
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On Jan 12, 2017
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ITV’s breakfast show This Morning started in 1988 but who spoke first?

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In 1988 the first animated series of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles took off but which turtle used katanas/swords as weapons?

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In May 1988 Neighbours star Kylie Minogue followed up No.1 hit record I Should Be So Lucky with a track that went to No.2, what was it called?

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In Die Hard, what was the name of Alan Rickman’s character?

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Which Ocean's Eleven film star made their debut in 1984 film Mystic Pizza?

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Hit sitcom Roseanne started in October 1988 but what was the last name of Roseanne, Dan and the family?

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In hit cartoon Garfield and Friends - who or what was Odie?

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Which How I Met Your Mother star made their debut in 1994 film Clara’s Heart?

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In Coming to America, where was Eddie Murphy’s character Prince Akeem Joffer from?

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Popular BBC Radio 4 programme 'What the Papers Say' was originally a hit on television and since it first broadcast has appeared on ITV, Channel 4 and BBC Two, what channel was it on in 1988?

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Hit sci-fi show Red Dwarf started on BBC Two in 1988 but who did Coronation Street star Craig Charles play?

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Which film won Best Picture at the Academy Awards AND the Golden Globes?

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