What is Softros LAN Messenger?

Do you have an office and still do not know Softros LAN Messenger? As it is a handy tool, that can replace any online instant messaging system in a local area network. What advantages does Softros LAN Messenger have? Is it really worth it? 1. No server required 2. It is very easy to install Some applications are so complicated to install that in the end, we stop installing them out of boredom. With Lan Messenger from Softros, you will not have this problem. The office workers can even install it without the need to call IT staff. 3. It has many features: chat rooms for the LAN group, PC to PC messaging, a fast messaging system to notify all users of an event or anything else important; an option for transferring folders and files between office staff. 4. It is very safe You do not have to worry about the issue of confidentiality. Both messages and files never leave your local network; If there are members who are not authorized to view specific information, you can be sure in that regard. 5. You can send messages to users of LAN Messenger software, even if they are offline at that time. When they connect, they will receive the information. 6. You can add the same users to different groups. Groups of different kinds can be formed, with groups of workers, etc. 7. Messages can be sent individually or in groups. And some things are for the group and others that must be communicated separately. 8. It supports LAN, VPN, VLAN and WAN This allows you to link subnets of the same company in a single messaging system. As you can see Softros LAN Messenger is really useful. You keep everything tidy and controlled in your office, in an effortless way. Useful for you, for your workers and ultimately, for the productivity of the company.

Andrew Green
Created by Andrew Green
On Aug 28, 2019
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