The Ultimate "The Office (US)" Quiz

Only expert office fans will be able to get 50/50 on this super hard office quiz!

Andrea Painter
Created by Andrea Painter
On Oct 15, 2017
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What's Roy's brother's name?

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Finish the Quote...
"You see that line on top of the shrimp?"

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What does Pam think Roy will be serving at his wedding?

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What does Michael say to 'Ben Franklin' in the elevator?

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What was the name of Pam's replacement while she was on maternity leave?

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Why did Michael schedule his Jamaica trip for the end of December?

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What movies do the office watch on Movie Mondays?

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Which outlet store does Dwight tell Jan to shop at while she waits for him?

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Who doesn't appear in the pilot episode?

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What is NOT one of the made up diseases in the episode "Health Care"?

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What award does Phyllis win at the Dundies?

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What does Devon dress up as in the season 2 episode, "Halloween"?

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Who does Andy discover he's related to in season 9?

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What did Jim's girlfriend Katy say her favourite movie was while everyone was playing 'desert island'?

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What does Andy say when he sees the topless picture of Jan taken in Jamaica?

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In the episode "Branch Wars", what are the names written on Michael, Dwight, and Jim's uniforms respectively?

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Michael and Dwight sing a variation of what song at the grave of the chair model girl in the episode, "The Chair Model"?

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What DOESN'T Michael say to insult Holly while Jan is in the office in the episode, "Baby Shower"?

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What does Michael put in Toby's desk in order to frame him for drug possession?

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Finish the quote...
“'R' is one of the most menacing of sounds. That's why they call it 'murder' and not..."

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Who said this?
“I saw wedding crashers accidentally. I bought a ticket for “Grizzly Man” and went into the wrong theatre. After an hour, I figured I was in the wrong theatre, but I kept waiting. Cuz that’s the thing about bear attacks… they come when you least expect it.”

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In the episode, "Prince Family Paper", what is the signal that Michael and Dwight use if someone gets into trouble.

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What colour shirts do the Scranton branch employees wear in the episode, "Company Picnic"?

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Which is NOT one of Michael's alter egos?

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Which of the following stars has NEVER guest starred on "The Office"?

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Who said, “I really should have a tweeter account”?

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Finish the quote...
"Nostalgia is truly one of the greatest human weaknesses..."

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A doll of what famous TV character can often be seen in the background?

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In the episode, "Moroccan Christmas", what does Meredith admit to having an addiction to?

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What item of clothing does Michael insist on having dry cleaned?

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Where does Ryan work after he gets fired from corporate?

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Finish the quote...
"You know what they say. '"Fool me once, strike one, but fool me twice..."

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What DOESN'T happen during Dwight's 'fire drill' in the episode, "Stress Relief Pt.1"?

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What is the name of the insurance salesman that Michael thinks is part of the Mafia?

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Who wins the bronze medal in the episode, "Office Olympics"?

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What is the fake persona that Jim uses to author the book that Dwight uses to plan Andy's garden party in the season 8 episode, "Garden Party"?

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In the episode, "Diwali", who attempts to kiss Pam?

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Finish this Michael Scott quote...
"Hate to see you leave, but love to watch you go..."

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When did Ryan and Kelly hook up for the first time?

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When Jim is invited to join the Finer Things Club, what accent does he use while discussing the book?

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What did Ryan leave in the toaster oven that caused the fire in the episode, "The Fire"?

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What nicknames does Pam NOT come up with for Dwight's bed and breakfast?

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How does Michael describe the wine in the episode, "Dinner Party"?

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Why is Jim making this face?

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What does Todd Packer's license plate say?

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What does Jim NOT do to pay Dwight back for saving him from Roy?

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Finish this quote...
"Through concentration, I can..."

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How soon after Jim and Pam started dating did Jim buy an engagement ring?

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What is Stanley's wife's, first mistress', and second mistress' names, respectively?

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Who has the final lines in the finale?

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