A Guide To Get The Best Skiing Experience In Wisconsin

Ami Smith
Created by Ami Smith
On Jun 4, 2019
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Wisconsin has a continental climate that includes long winters and plenty of snow. This makes the state a perfect place for skiers of all ages and different expertise levels. This is probably the reason why ski resorts with lodging in Wisconsin is so popular. The best destination in a state varies from individual to individual. Beginner skiers might prefer a destination which is at a close proximity to the city, while more adventurous skiers might want to head far into the countryside.

Best Resorts

The online skiing guide On the Snow lists 16 major skiing resorts in Wisconsin. Of those, a few are actually good when it comes to overall snow quality, terrain and unique offerings, such as nightlife activities or family-friendly ski lanes. Granite Peak (skigranitepeak.com) in Wausau offers skiing for beginner level and for families with small children. They also have some high-quality black diamond runs for the more experienced skiers. Devil’s Head (devilsheadresort.com) in Merrimac is best known for its long, wide runs and all-mountain terrain lanes, with enough variety to satisfy beginners as well as advanced skiers.

Snow Conditions

The ski season in Wisconsin varies depending on where in the state you are. As a general rule, the skiing season in Wisconsin lasts from early November to mid-April. Resorts such as Devil’s Head in the southern part start their ski season later and end it earlier because they receive less snow than the north. If you are heading to a particular resort, check their website or call before leaving your place to confirm when they will remain open. Opening dates sometimes change from year to year, depending on how early snowing starts.

Best Areas

The best areas for skiing are in the north of the state. These are less developed, so they offer more natural trails, less crowded runs and more options for those wanting to explore more. Mount Ashwabay (mtashwabay.org) in Bayfield and Christie Mountain (christiemountain.com) in Bruce are good options in the north. If they are too far for you, you can take advantage of several good skiing areas in the Madison metro area. Ski rental near Cascade Mountain Wisconsin (cascademountain.com) is a great place to start, but keep in mind that tends to become crowded during the skiing season. However, it offers some of the best skiing experience in the state. Cascade Mountain is also a famous for night skiing.

Now, if you are thinking where to stay in Wisconsin Dells, you have plenty of options to choose from. There are a variety of online sites that can cater to your needs, as per your budget and any other specific requirement.

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