How Secure Is Your Home?

Is your home security up to 21st century standards? With emerging technology, it is more important than ever to take precautions and secure your property. Take our quiz to see how secure your home is.

American Alarm
On Jul 1, 2015

Do you lock your doors every time you leave your home?

Where do you leave your spare set of keys?

What type of dog does your family own?

Do you frequently use social media on-the-go?

Do you frequently host large parties at your home?

Is the combination to your garage a member of your families birthday, your anniversary, or another significant date in your life?

How would you classify your neighbors?

Where is your home located?

Do you have people that come in and out of the house during the day while you're not home?

Do you frequently travel?

You're on your way to living in Fort Knox.

You're on your way to living in Fort Knox.

Congratulations! You have done your homework. Keeping your family and home safe is clearly a top priority for you. Learn how American Alarm can help take your home security to the next level:

Your home is a burglars paradise.

Your home is a burglars paradise.

Uh-oh! We can tell from your results that you need some advice to help secure your property. For helpful tips on what you can begin doing today to keep your home safe, check out our blog, or contact us and learn about how we can protect you 24/7:

Your home is as busy as a beehive, but not as secure!

Your home is as busy as a beehive, but not as secure!

Like many families today, you are extremely busy! You are mindful about the safety of your family and your property. But with so many other things going on, you have put updating your home security on the back burner. Our 24/7 monitoring system would be perfect for you! Let us keep your home secure, and you will have one less thing to worry about: