How Well Do You Remember The Mission Impossible Movies?

Are you ready for Mission Impossible Rogue Nation? Let's test your knowledge of the previous films in the series to find out!

A McGee
Created by A McGee
On Aug 17, 2015
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What are Ethan and his team supposed to retrieve from the American Embassy in Prague? (Mission Impossible)

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Ethan contacts the weapons dealer, Max, about what Job? (Mission Impossible)

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Who does the government frame for drug trafficking to try and get Ethan to turn himself in? His ... (Mission Impossible)

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What does Ethan use to blow up the helicopter in the tunnel? (Mission Impossible)

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In "Mission Impossible 2", what is the name of the bioweapon that was stolen?

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Ethan chose two of his team, but Nyah was forced onto him for her skills as what? (Mission Impossible 2)

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The bioweapon causes death by mass destruction of the victim's ... (Mission Impossible 2)

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Where was the villain going to release the bioweapon? (Mission Impossible 2)

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In "Mission Impossible 3", Hunt goes after an arms dealer named ...

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Who approaches Ethan about a rescue mission for one of Hunt's proteges? (Mission Impossible 3)

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What does the villain want Ethan to acquire for him? (Mission Impossible 3)

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In "Ghost Protocol", what is the name of the assassin who kills agent Hanaway?

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What is Cobalt's real name? (Ghost Protocol)

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Where is Ethan Hunt imprisoned in the beginning of Ghost Protocol?

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Where does Ethan's team reconvene to accept their next mission at the end of Ghost Protocol?

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