How Much Do You Really Know About Thanksgiving?

Are you a true expert on this North American Holiday?

A McGee
Created by A McGee
On Oct 1, 2015
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When was the first Thanksgiving in the United States?

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When was the first Canadian Thanksgiving believed to take place?

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When was Thanksgiving first celebrated by all of the United States of America, on the same date?

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Who performs the Thanksgiving radio classic monologue "Alice's Restaurant"?

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Which food below is NOT commonly associated with Thanksgiving in North America today?

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When did the Canadian Parliament proclaim Thanksgiving to be held on it's present date?

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Which of these desserts is traditionally served for Thanksgiving in North America?

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In which of these United States cities is the "Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade" held?

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What does the President of the United States do for Thanksgiving in present day?

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Who is said to have started the tradition of Thanksgiving in Canada?

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Which food was believed NOT to have been eaten at the "first thanksgiving" in the US.

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Where did the first Thanksgiving take place in the United States?

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Thanksgiving is a celebration of ...

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Which United States President changed the date of Thanksgiving from the "last Thursday", to the "fourth Thursday" of November?

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Which of these holidays actually developed from an unusual Thanksgiving?

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