Do You Remember The Original Magnificent Seven?

So you've seen the new trailer, and you're excited for the remake of "The Magnificent Seven". Originally this was a "western" adaptation of "Seven Samurai". How well do you remember this 1960 classic?

A McGee
Created By A McGee
On Aug 23, 2016
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The village being raided by bandits is located where?

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Which gunfighter do the villagers find first?

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At first that gunfighter agrees only to help them ...

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What is the name of Charles Bronson's character?

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Can you name the leader of the bandits that continue to raid the town?

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Which gunfighter presses for information on any treasure they may have heard of?

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The bandits must raid the village because they need ...

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Which gunfighter talks about "nerves on the eve of battle" with one of the villagers?

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The village is taken over when the gunfighters leave to ...

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When some of the men want to leave, Chris threatens to kill anyone ...

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The bandits take over but allow the gunfighters to leave with their lives, because they fear ...

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Which gunfighter believes going back will lead to their deaths, and so rides off alone?

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When the bandits are defeated, which gunfighter decides to stay in the village?

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Which of the following gunfighters did NOT die?

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At the end the village elder tells them that only _____ really won.

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