Are You Ready For Season 2 of The Magicians?

The Magicians, on Syfy, follows students of a prestigious magic university. Let's see how much we remember about the show so far to prepare for Season 2.

A McGee
Created By A McGee
On Mar 29, 2017
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The show follows students of magic attending the _____ University.

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Can you name this brilliant student magician?

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Alice is at the university not only to study, but to find her _____ who disappeared.

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Penny is one of the rare magicians born a _____. This allows him to instantly transport himself to other places, possibly even other worlds.

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What is the name of the magical world from the novels Quentin is obsessed with?

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Julia is also a very talented magician, though she was not accepted at the university. She became a _____, and joined a group of independent magicians with uncertain intentions.

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This student is head of the Physical Magic House at the university. What is his name?

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This man is a professor of magic known to push boundaries. What is his name?

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This evil thing continues to torment the magicians throughout season 1. What do they call it?

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What is the name of the hedge-magic group that Julia joins up with?

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This is Professor _____, one of the magic instructors at the university.

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Which of these students was stealing items from the university for an independent witch?

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This is Henry Fogg. Who does he turn out to be in the show?

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The _____ children were thought to only be fictitious characters, but it turned out they were quite real.

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Who was the author of the Fillory novels?

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