Multifunctional Glass Properties

Multifunctional Glass Properties

Amber Good
Created by Amber Good
On Oct 7, 2019
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Unique properties of multifunctional glass

Multifunctional glass is a progressive development aimed at combining the two most relevant properties of a modern double-glazed window: energy efficiency and sun protection. This is the first technology that works both in winter and in summer.

In any room, with any glazing through the glass, the most serious heat loss occurs in the cold season and through it, along with sunlight, the largest amount of unwanted heat in the summer enters the room. Therefore, it is not surprising that the main attention in the technical improvement of translucent structures is now directed to glass.

So far, only half of this problem has been resolved. By installing a multi-chamber package using energy-saving I-Glass, we get a very important property - the heat accumulated by the room is reflected from the surface of the I-Glass and does not leave it. This is facilitated by the thinnest metal coating, reflecting infrared rays, which are heat carriers.

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But winter is ending - and the presence of I-Glass does not save at all when the sun shines through the windows from morning to evening, heating the room. E-Glass goes on vacation and instead of it blinds, air conditioning, and sun-protection films on glass work, which significantly reduce the illumination of the room and do not pass ultraviolet, which is important for indoor colors.

Multifunctional glass works all year round. All the same metal coating is applied to its surface, but unlike I-Glass, it is applied not in one but in several layers. Moreover, the molecules of each next layer lie cross on the cross with the molecules of the previous one. This ensures the reflection of heat in the winter inside the room, and in the summer outside.

Consequently, an energy-efficient design with such glass will also remain year-round. In summer we save on air conditioning, in winter - on heating. Оrder windows with such glasses on the site