Tell Us Which Of These Locations You've Made Love In And We'll Tell You What You're Really Like In Bed

Ever wonder what your true personality is in bed? Tell us where you've done the dirty deed and find out!

Amanda Simmons
On Jul 30, 2017

Hotel room?


Public Washroom?



Hot Tub?




Parents' house


Laundry room?

In a tent?

In the forest?

You are Reserved

You are Reserved

For you it's either the bed or bust. You believe that sex should be done in private and you really appreciate the intimacy of it all.

You are Spontaneous

You are Spontaneous

You're pretty much down to bang wherever, whenever. You're imaginative and bed and love trying new things.

You are Aggressive

You are Aggressive

You have a high sex drive and when it hits...he'd better be ready to go. You like to take control and ride hard.

You are Romantic

You are Romantic

For you, sex is meant to be purely an expression of love. You take the time to set the mood and your favorite parts are usually the foreplay and post-sex pillow talk.