Are You Helping Our Planet? Or Hurting It? Take This Quiz To Find Out

Climate change, pollution, extinction...these words have been buzzing in the media lately. Are you helping or hurting our planet earth? Take this quiz to find out!

Amanda Simmons
Created by Amanda Simmons
On Mar 17, 2019
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Have you ever taken rocks or shells home from a beach?

Do you eat meat?

Have you ever flushed medications down the toilet?

Do you recycle?

Do you drive a car that runs on gas?

Do you shop at second-hand clothing stores?

Do you wear sunscreen?

How long is your average shower?

You are...Helping the planet!

You are...Helping the planet!

Good news! Your everyday habits are actually helping the planet! Good for you!

You are...Hurting the planet.

You are...Hurting the planet.

Yikes...your daily habits show us that you are actually harming the planet more than you're helping it. Boost your eco game before it's too late!