15 Friends Cameos You Completely Forgot About

I don't know about you, but I totally forgot about the majority of these guest appearances.


Leah Remini

In one of Leah Remini's first tv appearances, she plays a Mets-obsessed pregnant lady who gets a little help from Joey in the delivery room.


Ellen Pompeo

Ellen Pompeo of "Grey's Anatomy" fame plays Ross' crush Missy Goldberg in both an 80's flashback and the present day.


John Stamos

In "The One With The Donor", John Stamos plays a sperm donor who gets grilled with awkward questions by Monica and Chandler.


Jane Lynch

In the series finale, Jane Lynch plays the real estate agent who is listing the house next door to Monica and Chandlers new abode and almost sells it to Janice.


Helen Hunt

In this epic "Mad About You" cross-over episode, Helen Hunt confuses Phoebe for her twin sister Ursula.


Craig Robinson

Before he was on The Office Craig played a store clerk in "The One With Princess Consuela".


Alec Baldwin

In Season 8, Alec plays Phoebe's love interest who's a little TOO excited over literally EVERYTHING.


Jason Alexander

Jason Alexander puts away his George Constanza persona and plays a suicidal office manager who is eventually saved by Phoebe in season 7.


Jim Rash

In the second last episode of the series, Jim Rash plays a paranoid airplane passenger. When he hears from Rachel's phone conversation that there's "something wrong with the left phalange", he proceeds to freak the flip out in the only way that Jim Rash can.


Julia Roberts

Julia AKA Susie Underpants gets revenge on Chandler for what he did to her in the fourth grade by trapping him in a bathroom stall with nothing but a pair of women's panties to wear.


Jeff Goldblum

Jeff plays a quirky casting director who gets peed on by Joey at the end of the episode.


Robin Williams and Billy Crystal

One of the most epic FRIENDS cameos in the history of the series. Robin Williams and Billy Crystal randomly sit down on the couch with the friends, completely interrupting Monica's conversation and proceed to rant about nonsense, then leave as if nothing happened. It was kooky, weird and totally awesome.


George Clooney

In season 1, George plays a "cute doctor" (his actual character from ER) who treats Rachel's broken ankle.


Richard Branson

Richard Branson plays a souvenir salesman in season 4 who sells Joey that embarrassing British flag hat we all love so much.


Jennifer Coolidge

Jennifer Coolidge plays a long lost friend of Monica and Phoebe's who just can't seem to shut up about how amazing her life is now.