Can You Avoid These 11 Bookworm Mistakes?

Okay, unpopular opinion here: BOOKWORMS ARE STUPID.

I say that as a proud, card-carrying, TBR-ignoring bookworm. And so I'd like to challenge myself and everyone from the blookunity to STOP. We are so often blinded by our love for books, and we are such fools for love. So a call to my fellow bookworms: Stop making these 11 most heinous mistakes.

(Haha, as if.)

Alyssa C
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On Apr 8, 2016
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Will you actively seek out heartbreak?

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Are you DISAPPOINTED when you're not heartbroken?

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Will you get excited about books with sequels that come out YEARS later ?

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Your TBR is a growing monster ... will you reread an old favourite?

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Do you do bookish things that are not reading even though your TBR is about to come crashing down?

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Do you forget to eat and spend hours on social media with other book lovers?

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Do you speak with NON-BOOKISH HUMANS (oh, the horror) sometimes?

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Do you read books recommended by your EVIL bookish friends?

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Have you read a book past midnight?

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Have you ever bought books based simply on the cover?

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Have you kidnapped souls to trade for books?

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