Only Those Who Score A 10/13 On This Zombie Apocalypse Survival Test Will Make It In A World Overrun With The Living Dead!

Are you ready to fight for the survival of mankind? Or are you totally zombie chow? Work your way through this apocalyptic quiz to see if you'll make it out alive!

Ally Gilson
Created By Ally Gilson
On Aug 30, 2017
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You wake up at 3 A.M. to the phone ringing. It's your crazy uncle Jerry. He tells you that the dead are rising, and that you have exactly twenty minutes before he comes to pick up you, your spouse, and your two kids. What do you do?

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You have twenty minutes to pack. Which of these supplies is absolutely necessary?

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Now, which of these items do you leave behind:

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Crazy Uncle Jerry is here. You have the gun. Your spouse has the knife. What will be the safest order for you and your family to leave the house in and get to the car?

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You make it into the car with your family in tow. Now, you have two options:

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You drive a few miles without incident and then encounter your first zombie in the middle of the road. What do you do?

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You keep driving and a few miles down the road, you see a woman with a small child trying to hitchhike. Do you pick them up and take them with you to the bunker?

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You've reached the point in your journey where you have to go off-road, but there are two paths you can take to get to Uncle Jerry's bunker. The longer path with more cover from trees or the shorter path through a more open area. Which path do you take to Uncle Jerry's?

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As you're traveling down the open path, three zombies manage to ambush your vehicle. One is on the hood of the car, and there's one at each of the side rear windows. In which order to you try to shoot the zombies?

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You manage to make it through the field, but now there's a steady horde of zombies beginning to follow you to your bunker. What do you do?

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You've made it to the bunker. Do you try to take the supplies in with you or leave them in the car?

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Uncle Jerry has the keys to the bunker. Your spouse still has the knife. You still have the gun. In what order do you exit the van to get into the bunker?

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You, Jerry, and the kids all manage to get safely into the bunker, but your spouse gets bitten pretty badly by one of the zombies. What do you do?

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