Only 90s Kids Can Get An 11/13 On This TV Quiz!

Were you alive for the greatest period of kids' television, or were you unlucky enough to miss the cutoff? Try to answer these 13 crazy specific questions about classic 90s t.v. and prove that your nostalgia means something!

Ally Gilson
Created by Ally Gilson
On Aug 16, 2017
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What's the name of the grouchy, veteran cartoon squirrel in Animaniacs?

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What was the coded language spoken on Zoom called?

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Who's explaining it all?

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What's the name of Sabrina's cat in Sabrina the Teenage Witch?

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Who is the arch-nemesis of the Powerpuff Girls?

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What's Mrs. Frizzle's first name?

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In Disney's classic DuckTales, what's the name of the adorable little girl duck who lives in Scrooge's mansion with her grandmother?

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In The Wild Thornberrys, why can Eliza talk to animals?

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In The Rugrats, what's the name of everyone's favorite baby psychologist?

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What was Johnny Bravo's catchphrase?

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Which is NOT one of powers granted by the rings in Captain Planet?

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In Recess, what's the name of the clique of popular girls?

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In Arthur, what's the name of Buster and Arthur's favorite superhero?

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