Can You Guess Which Of These Creepy Objects Is Legitimately Haunted?

How fine-tuned is your spook-o-meter? Pick the items from the lineup that have extensive histories of supernatural horror. If you can get a 10/11 on this quiz, you're basically a ghostbuster!

Ally Gilson
Created by Ally Gilson
On Oct 2, 2017
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Which haunted doll has caused some real $#!+?

2 / 11

Which painting is definitely a portal to Hell?

3 / 11

Which chest is full of a whole lotta supernatural NOPE?

4 / 11

Which mirror 100% reflects the grisly images of the dead?

5 / 11

Which of these statues is Too SpookyTM?

6 / 11

Which vase/urn is totally no good?

7 / 11

All of these things are horrifying, but which one is actually supernaturally homicidal?

8 / 11

Which of these sparkling death necklaces is actually supposed to be cursed?

9 / 11

Which of these scary cars would give Christine a run for her money?

10 / 11

Which of these wedding dresses will make you an actual corpse bride?

11 / 11

Which of these chairs is most likely to start rocking itself in the middle of the night?

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