Who are you from The Red Queen?

Do you have an ability? What color is your blood? Are you royal? Find out here! THERE ARE SPOILERS!

Althea Norcross
On Nov 7, 2017

What is your preferred gender?

What is your blood type?

What ability?

What color is your hair?

What color are your eyes?

Are you dead or alive?

What would you use in a fight?

What means more to you?

Good or Evil?

Are you in love?

What are you afraid of?

What would you sacrifice to get what you wanted?

Who do you think you are?

Mare Barrow

Mare Barrow

You are strong, intelligent, hard-working, and loyal. You are a red who was disguised as a Silver named Mareena Titanos. You have long brown hair, brown eyes, muscles, and your skinny from not getting enough food. You pledged yourself to the Scarlet Guard when you found out your favorite brother is dead. You can control lightning. But you are red, so that makes you a new blood. You are in love with Tiberias Calore VII "Cal" and you still have slight feelings for Maven Calore.

You are the Little Lightning Girl.

You are Mare Barrow.

Kilorn Warren

Kilorn Warren

You are known as the fisher boy. You are a lovable, kind, strong, character. You have brown hair, green eyes, and huge muscles. You love Mare Barrow but she is in love with Tiberias Calore VII "Cal". Your dad died in the war and your mom left when she found out, so now your an orphan. You worked as a fisherman till you were 18. Then your master died and you get conscripted and you join the Scarlet Guard.

You are the fish boy.

You are Kilorn Warren.

Tiberias Calore VII "Cal"

Tiberias Calore VII "Cal"

You were raised to be a red killing, powerful, king. But that never stops you from protecting, fighting for, and loving Mare Barrow. You have black hair, chocolate brown eyes, pale skin, and defined muscles. You have the ability to control fire. Even though your blood is pure silver you will fight for and love all reds, no matter what.

You are the Flame of the North.

You are Tiberias Calore VII "Cal".

Diana Farley

Diana Farley

You are strong, hard-working, loyal. You have blue eyes, blond hair, and well defined muscles. You have red blood. You would do anything to save your friends, family,and for the defense of the valuable reds. You lived in the Lakelands but moved to Norta to expand the Scarlet Guards army. Now you live in Norta defending all reds especially Mare Barrow.

You are a General to the Scarlet Guard.

You are Diana Farley.

Maven Calore

Maven Calore

You are a powerful, ruthless killing machine, king. You have black hair, blue eyes, your pale and skinny. You can control fire. You love Mare Barrow. But worst of all you have cold, dead, silver blood.

You are the shadow to the flame.

You are Maven Calore.

Evangeline Samos

Evangeline Samos

You were raised to be a beautiful, ruthless, powerful, queen. You wont let anyone o thing get in your way. You have silver hair, grey eyes, an pale skin. But worst you have cold, ungrateful, silver blood.

You are the favorite.

You are Evangeline Samos.

Elara Merandus

Elara Merandus

You have blue eyes, pale skin, blond hair, and silver blood.You were the one who killed Coriane Jacos. You are Maven Calore's mom. You married and killed Tiberias Calore VI. You can manipulate minds. You are an evil lady who manipulates people for the benefit of getting what you want. Oh ya your also dead. Mare Barrow killed you.

You are the Manipulation Queen.

You are Elara Merandus.

Iris Cygent

Iris Cygent

You have black hair, grey eyes, your tall, have tan skin, and sliver blood. You were born in the Lakelands. In fact you are the Lakelander princess. But you married Maven Calore as a way to end the war between the Lakelands and Norta. And as a Cygnet girl you can control water.

You are New Queen of Norta.

You are Iris Cygnet