What I Buy? A Galaxy S8 or an iPhone X

Currently, the iPhone X is taking the cheap smartphone market by storm, and is closely followed by the Samsung Galaxy S8.

Lissa Jhone
Created by Lissa Jhone
On Dec 28, 2017
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The smartphone market is currently thriving, with great phones coming out every year. The last couple of years have been particularly great for Apple iPhones and Samsung mobiles, with their masterpieces having come out and received as well as they could be.

Currently, the iPhone X is taking the smartphone market by storm, and is closely followed by the Samsung Galaxy S8. If you are planning to buy cheap Phone, one of these in their new or refurbished versions, the decision is definitely a tough one. The cheap phones are both doing great at the moment, and if you buy iPhone X or Galaxy S8, neither will be a poor choice.

However, how do you decide? The answer really will depend on your personal preferences, but let us look at some specs to help you decide which the right phone is for you!

Compare iPhone X and Samsung Galaxy S8

Screen and Display – Both the phones come with screens measuring 5.8 inches, though the iPhone X has a screen with a 2436x1125 resolution while the cheap Samsung Galaxy S8 boasts a 2960x1440 resolution. Both come with scratch resistance, 3D touch and edge-to-edge displays. However, with the iPhone X’s sleek and unique design, we have to give it to this one for physical attractiveness. If you buy iPhone X, you definitely will fall in love with its look.

Camera and Performance – If you are looking for an iPhone X for sale because of the primary purpose of photography, you will not regret your decision. The device comes with a 12MP back camera and several great photography features that will help you take professional photos.

You can also buy Samsung Galaxy S8 to take great photos, but it is argued that it does not offer the photography options range that the iPhone X boasts. As for the performance, the iPhone X has a 3GB Ram while the Galaxy S8 boasts a 4GB RAM.

The batteries are close, with iPhone X at 2716 mAh and Galaxy S8 at 3000 mAh. The storage is where the real surprise is. For the first time, Apple is offering a phone with a 512 GB storage, while the Galaxy S8 64 GB. The latter does, however, allow an external SD card for additional storage.

Unique Features – Both of these remarkable devices come with scratch resistant screens, waterproof bodies and wireless charging.

All in all - the cheap iPhone X and the Samsung S8 for sale are both best phones. While you can invest in a cheap Galaxy S8 or go for an iPhone X for sale, it is a great choice. However, the iPhone X is undeniably making waves at the moment, since it happens to be the best performing as well as the most beautiful phone offered by Apple so far.

If you want to buy Apple iPhone X, therefore, we can say that we support your decision, you can go through Alpha Smartphones to buy cheap iPhones or Samsung mobiles!