AIRY 9 is a bot accountant software that boosts revenue with AI & Blockchain technology

We all know it is faster and considerably a more reliable method of Accounting.

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In what direction is accounting actually heading? It is headed in the same direction as almost everything else in the world right now. Artificial Intelligence.

No, we are not going to give a rundown of the importance of Artificial Intelligence anymore. We all know it is faster and considerably a more reliable method of Accounting. Storing records in the most comfortable way possible and making it easy to access when they are needed.

But a nagging problem in Accounting and Bookkeeping has been the problem of frauds. Since most of these things are money related and dependent on certain individuals to keep, then all the records are in one way or another prone to misinformation or even human error as it is.

Airy9 is a new software that has devised one of the best ways to curb and completely eradicate this lapse in business with the use of Blockchain Technology which decentralizes the source of information, rather, making it available to all at once at the same time. Founded by Subhodip Dutta, Airy9 is not just an accounting software but it's also a full-fledged  ERP software which takes care of inventory, invoicing, checkout , payroll, booking, subscriptions, expenses,CRM and document management system

This means there is really no master copy for a fraudster or a hacker to alter. Initially introduced through Bitcoin technology, Blockchain has also gained its own notoriety and usefulness over time.

The importance of this innovative accounting software moves beyond its effective way of clamping down on frauds. It is also the ideal accounting assistant, serving an important purpose in processes like invoices and inventories, utilizing Machine

Learning to successfully observe your habits and also applying analytics to predict your cash flow depending on the kinds of products you offer.

It can also be used to assist during payrolling while maintaining an aim to boost revenue.

Artificial Intelligence has indeed come a long way in all areas of life and has finally seeped into the world of accounting.

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