What Type Of Attractive Are You?

Are you cute, pretty, hot or beautiful?

Alison Swift
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On Feb 1, 2016

Choose a manicure.

Choose an everyday outfit.

Choose a formal outfit.

Choose a hairstyle.

Choose a makeup look.

Choose a male celebrity.

Choose a female celebrity.

What do you think is your best feature?

What is your favourite animal?

Choose a Disney Princess.

Choose a food.

Choose an outfit to wear to bed.

Which fictional character are you most like?

How do you relax?

What would you dress up as for Halloween?



You are cute! You have a sweet and adorable look. Your personality is kind, caring and funny.



You are pretty! You are attractive, but not in an intimidating way. You are a good friend and people are easily drawn towards you.



You are hot! You have a sexy and sultry image that attracts a lot of admirers. You are very confident and know how to get what you want in life.



You are beautiful! You have stunning good looks that some may be intimidated by, but you are a gorgeous person on the inside as well as the outside.

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