How To fix Brother Printer Not Activated Error Code 30?

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How To fix Brother Printer Not Activated Error Code 30?

Printers have made life easy and comfortable and become an important part of our work. And every user needs an ideal performance from there printer. But there are situations when these devices fall under faults and issues. To fix those errors, the Brother printer support team is working all day and night, 365 days. So as you encounter any errors, contact us.

If you encounter the error code Brother Printer Not Activated Error Code 30, then there are chances that you may also receive the error code 33, 34, or 35. These errors caused due to several reasons, the following reasons are:

  • The Printer-Head is not able to return to its default/home position in your device.
  • Both of the spring located on each side of your printer carriage out of there place. 
  • The Cartridge cover or printer tray is not seated or locked properly in its place.

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To fix these errors follow the steps listed below.

  • Go to the main control setup of your printing device and press the Start button.
  • From the control setup screen, select press the Ink button.
  • Now use the dial pad and press the button 2 saying replace the Ink cartridge. A message will appear on the printer displaying Please Open Cover. 
  • Pull the scanner cover gently and release the lever located under the control setup screen and lift the scanner cover.
  • Move the Ink cartridge to the left side of the machine. If the cartridge does not move to the left side of the machine, you need to contact the Brother printer technical support team.
  • After the cartridge has moved to the left side of the printer, press down the cartridge and remove it from the machine.
  • Two springs are present on each side of the carriage that holds the printer head against the printer assemble 
  • Locate the spring if the spring is out of the place, adjust them back to its position 
  • If the spring is seated properly and not out from its place, reinstall all the Ink cartridge.
  • Now close the printer tray or cover and make sure that the cover is seated properly. The device will now go on a warm-up and head cleaning.
  • The display on your printer will prompt you with the verification, "if a new ink cartridge was inserted for each color you removed" 
  • Press Yes or No accordingly.

If these steps do not help, contact Brother printer customer support number +(1)-844-489-7268 toll-free. The support team is working 24x7 at customer service. So dial the toll-free number and avail instant hassle-free support.

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