How Confident Are You in Business?

How confident do you feel in your own and your business' ability to reach your goals right now? You can improve what you've measured, so let's see where you and your business fall on the spectrum and get 7 simple daily habits to improve your business results this quarter.

Alicia Menkveld
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On Oct 19, 2018

I feel positive and enthusiastic about my business and life.

I consistently achieve the goals I set for myself in business.

I tend to do what others do, rather than what's right for me and my business.

I handle new situations with comfort and ease.

I feel negative when I face obstacles and things aren’t going my way.

When a situation works out well, I tend to put it down to luck rather than my own effort or skills.

I'm comfortable asking for help and seeking business advice to solve a problem.

I have as good a chance as any person to win the new contract or client I really want.

I'm proud of the growth I've achieved in my business in the last 12 months.

I often try new things to improve performance like a new business strategy or technology.

I find it hard to say No to requests or invites because I don’t like to disappoint people.

I believe in myself and trust my instincts and abilities to make the right decisions in my business.

Confidence Seeker

Confidence Seeker

At this point, you’re limited with what you can achieve in your business and life with your current confidence levels.

Perhaps you’re simply going through a rough patch. You tend to put yourself last and this might make people more prone to take advantage of you.

Right now, you might not be making the progress you want in your business. Saying ‘Yes’ to too many things can drain your energy and leave you with little to no time to spend on your own business and life.

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Growing Confidence

Growing Confidence

You are more confident in some areas of your business and life than in others.

You feel confident in your ability to face challenges when things are going well. But when uncertainty or fear sets in, you tend to doubt and second-guess yourself.

Then you overthink things and struggle to make decisions that move you and the business forward. When you don’t reach your goals, it’s because you don’t always plan ahead or prioritise the right activities.

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Absolute Confidence

Absolute Confidence

You’re a confident person who trusts your instincts and value what you have to offer in business and life.

You’re comfortable in most situations and your strong sense of self-worth leads you to speak up and question the status quo.

You generally reach your goals and don’t allow setbacks and obstacles to affect the way you see yourself. You're the type of person who chip away at your goals long after others have given up.

To ensure you stay on top of your game, get the 7 Daily Business Success Habits Checklist now and have more time and money in your business:

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