Are You Part Of The 3% Who Can Figure Out These Images?

These tricky optical illusions fool 97 percent of the population. Can you guess them all?

Alex McCarthy
Created by Alex McCarthy
On Jun 2, 2017

Which color are the two circles on the checkerboard?

What color is the bar in the middle?

Which line is longer?

What image do you see here?

Are the horizontal lines parallel?

Each side of the rectangle is:

Do you see Albert Einstein or Marilyn Monroe?

Which line is the longest?

Which line is the shortest?

Which gray strip is brighter?

You have an eye for details!

You have an eye for details!

Your visual acuity ranks you in the top 3 percent of humans. You are capable of figuring out complex optical illusions far better than most of the populace. Well done!

Great try.

Great try.

Although you're not in the top 3 percent, you're still much sharper than the average person. The more you work on your visual prowess; the better it will become. Give it another try.