Should You Text That Person You're Thinking Of Texting?

A ten step process to determine whether or not your texting plan is safe.

Thought Catalog
Created by Thought Catalog
On Nov 26, 2015

Did they text you first?

Are they your ex?

Are you drunk?

Are you in the mood to make bad life decisions?

What was the nature of the last text you received from this person?

If they don't text you back, how crazy is it going to drive you?

Do you have an actual reason to text them?

If your friends were here and knew you were about to text this person, would they do?

Is it going to be weird if you text them? (Be honest).

Did you click on this quiz because you know, in your heart of hearts, that you really shouldn't text them, and you needed confirmation?

Sure, go ahead.

Sure, go ahead.

You and this special someone have a wicked text chemistry going on. Why ruin a good thing? Text, iMessage and emoticon away. You're on the winning track to real-life interaction.



YOU CANNOT TRUST YOUR INSTINCTS RIGHT NOW. You know this text is only going to bring destruction - destruction that you don't want or need. Take your phone, throw it into the ocean, move to Australia and start a new life. There's still time to save yourself from all of this.

Might as well give it a try.

Might as well give it a try.

Texting them isn't the worst idea you've ever had. It may be a little anticlimactic and there's a small chance you'll regret your decision - but there's an equally small chance you wont. Maybe they're sitting at home taking a quiz to determine whether or not they should text YOU. You never know unless you try.