7 Simple Life Hacks That Will Make Your Morning Routine Infinitely Easier

Because waking up is hard to do.

1. First things first - open the blinds.

A bit of natural light first thing in the morning can help your body wake up a bit more quickly - and organically. It's nature's way of letting you know the day is beginning, so why not use it to your advantage? Open up the blinds and take a moment to soak up the sun when starting off the day.

2. Do whatever you can the night before.

3. Try out a perk-up playlist.

Sometimes all you need is something to make your mornings a bit brighter, especially if it's a rainy and dreary day outside and sunlight isn't available. Try to motivate yourself with a Spotify AM-ready playlist like this Get Happy! one or It's ALT Good!

4. Keep everything you need daily in one place.

5. Wake up a tiny bit earlier (no really!).

If you're a fan of the snooze button, try setting your alarm a bit earlier than normal. You'll still be able to crash again a few times without putting the pressure on yourself to frantically get ready when you end up waking up about twenty minutes later than you needed to.

6. If you're going to work out - do it in the AM.

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Waking up in the morning can be a great way to start off the day if you have the time. Whether it's going for a run, heading for the gym or just something small to begin the morning (like the video above), it can jump start your metabolism, fill you with endorphins and make you feel like you can take on the day.

7. Use the power of the shower for more than getting clean.

If you wake up and realize the outfit you planned on wearing that day is a tad wrinkled and just not the crisp, clean look you anticipated, hang it up in the bathroom as you take a hot shower to let it steam out the wrinkles so you can continue with your plan to look fantastic for the rest of the day.

What morning time-savers have you discovered? Share in the comments below!