5 Best Ways to Make Your Wife’s Birthday Special and Memorable

Albert Ross
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On Jul 23, 2018
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Birthdays are special. And if it is your wife’s birthday, it is extra special! Apart from reminding you the day this angel made her way on earth, they add another year of memories in your life. Birthdays are also meant to be storehouse of pleasant surprises. Unfortunately, planning and giving gifts is the toughest part. How to make the most special person of your life feel loved?

When it comes to making the modern age wife happy, you need to go beyond purchasing clothes and makeup. These are passé and no longer work for winning her heart. Think of something creative and romantic. The present age is that of innovation is in, and you must look for unique ways to make her feel special.
Here are some of the ideas to help you get amazing gifts for wife and woo her all over again:

1. Do NOT Forget her Birthday

Regardless of how busy you are or what you do, remember her birthday. Some men do not give much importance to their wife’s birthday. However, women are different. Birthdays are a special event for them. They want to celebrate it each year and store memories created with their loved ones. When husband forgets birthday, it is very depressing for the wife. The one and only man in her life forgot her birthday. So do not forget it ever.

2. A Professional Picture

You may either get a picture of hers or the two of you exclusively by a professional. This is an easy yet a sure shot way to impress her. Hand drawn sketches have emotions and a feeling of warmth attached to them. This is a fun yet very heart touching birthday gift idea for your wife. A professionally drawn sketch is also something unique that she does not already have. It can also be framed to embellish the walls of your room.

3. A Birthday Box

Create a beautiful birthday box for your love. You may also create one that include key chain with your marriage date engraved on it, a few personalized fridge magnets, shot glasses with graphics, etc. The little box of love will melt her heart away. Try adding some chocolates and other favorite sweet treats to impress her.

4. Buried Treasures

Make your wife go on a birthday treasure hunt. This is a creative way to let her find all of her birthday presents. You can hide presents at different areas in the room or home. Since bathroom is the first place she will be visiting in the morning, this can be your starting destination. Stick a caricature poster of her on the mirror. Designed by a professional artist, the caricature will be drawn by picture you provide. The description provided by you will serve as the basis of other info on the poster. The next destination should be kitchen. You may keep a set of personalized hot couple wine glasses or a couple love fridge magnets. This will prove to be the best birthday gift for wife.

5. Couple Love Personalized Frame

Romance her by writing a love message or letter. Do not worry about lack of words or bad handwriting. Get her a couple love personalized frame with a message/letter on it. This will feature a romantic image of two of you on premium quality canvas and help you bring the spark back into your married life. This sweet gesture shows you really care. Isn’t that enough to impress her?

So how are you planning to surprise your wifey dear on her birthday?

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