Will You Survive a Series of Unfortunate Events? Only 1% Will Survive It All

Only 1% of people have the survival instinct-are you among the 1%? Now it's FIGHT or FLIGHT time! Choose wisely, you may just survive, choose poorly and you're a goner. Are you the sole survivor? Let's find out!

Alan Sherin
Created By Alan Sherin
On Jun 14, 2017

While texting you lose control of the car...

Uh oh, they dropped the big one...

Oh no! An avalanche! Now what?

Uh oh lava flow! Now what?

This was no boating accident! Now what?

You crash land on Mars! Now what?

You survived the crash and now this guy! WTF?

Earthquake? Why did you move to California?

You're kidnapped for ransom. Fight or flight?

Shower time! Oh no! Now what?

Prom night! What sweet hell is this?

You lost your iPhone. Look a phone booth!

You're abducted by a madman! So much blood!

Oh no! An alien attack! Now what?

Oh no! Don't move and he won't see you!

Those cruise tickets were such a great deal! Oh no!

No wonder those tickets were so cheap! Now what?

You should have used the ATM! Now what?

Instagram that! Too close! ZzZZapp! Now what?

Told you that you were too close! You don't listen!

Look out! The Zombie Apocalypse! Now what? Run!

Look! The elevator is waiting for you! Whoops!

Look there's your Uber! That's for your 2.3 rating!

Beware the moors! You never listen! Do you?

Why are you out here alone in the woods again? Bear! Run!

Phew! You made it back to the car & it just stops! WTF?

Why did you take the Black Diamond run? Why?



You started off with a bang and survived the big one. So far so good! Then your day had a few bumps and misadventures, but you managed to survive! Good for you! But then things went from bad to worse to fatal. So sad! They said that when you survived the plane crash and then the car crash, you managed to drag yourself across the road and crawl to a phone booth where you were suddenly attacked by birds. What a horrible way to go! Eventually, they found your torn, pecked and tattered body floating in the San Francisco Bay. Such a pity.

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You started off your day with a horrible car crash. The only thing that saved you was you were not wearing your seat belt. You were ejected from the car and almost run over by your Uber. Next, the killer 8.0 earthquake put you on the run! There was danger at every turn, but you always managed to survive the worst! They said the zombie apocalypse caused it it all, but we now know it was the atomic bomb. All hell broke loose but you found safety in your car. When your car suddenly stalled on the train tracks you punched through the glass and reached safety. You awoke in your bed safe and sound. Was it all just a horrible nightmare? Curious, you reach for your iPhone and saw your texts and you knew it was all true! You overcame it all and have emerged as the sole survivor.

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If YOU were a RECIPE, what recipe would you be? Find out at https://www.sporkz.com