Shhhh! I'm Hunting 8 Hidden Rabbits For My Rabbit Stew! Will You Go Crazy Trying to Find Them?

Hurry! These silly invisible rabbits will multiply right before your very eyes! When we last counted there were 8. Did we find them all? Are there more rabbits? A hunting we will go! If you find more, I'll share my stew with you!

Alan Sherin
Created by Alan Sherin (User Generated Content*)User Generated Content is not posted by anyone affiliated with, or on behalf of,
On Feb 17, 2017
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Help Me Hunt My 8 Rabbits - Can You Find Them?

The more you look at the image the more rabbits you THINK you see! Did you find all of them?

Wait! Take a Closer Look - Did We Miss Any?

We originally saw only 4 rabbits. Then our eyes started to see more and more! Now there are 8! Did they multiply right on the page? What are your own eye's seeing here?


OMG! Did you see all of them before the reveal?

One More look?

This picture puzzle seems to have a life of its own. Let's count them again!

Did We Find Them All?

Now do you see them? Maybe you need to eat more carrots!

Calculating results

So How Was Rabbit Hunting?

CONGRATULATIONS! Like Elmer Fudd you got all the Wabbits! Now how about sharing some of that Rabbit Stew? We're hungry!

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