The 10 Types Of Boyfriends Every Girl Has Had

Chances are, you've dating at least one of these 10 types of boyfriends.

If you're in your late twenties to early thirties, chances are you'll have encountered these boyfriends...

1. The Jealous Boyfriend: He spends a lot of time in his head, thinking of all the ways you could be cheating on him. He'll dump you because he hates feeling that way.

2. The Narcissistic Boyfriend: He's constantly doubting himself, but covers it up by making himself out to be better than everyone else.

3. The Goofy Boyfriend: A comedian in training, this guy will do anything to make you laugh.

4. The Logical Boyfriend: He's logical almost to an annoying degree. He leads with his mind over his heart.

5. The Talkative Boyfriend: He talks to everyone and anyone who passes by. Even other girls! Gasp!

6. The Handsy Boyfriend: He'll just reach out and grab you anytime, any place, even at a family function.

7. The Romantic Boyfriend: He's all about the classic lovey-dovey moves. He kisses you on your forehead, brings your flowers and takes care of you when you're sick.

8. The Too Chill To Function Boyfriend: He acts like he doesn't care about your relationship, but he really does!

9. The Geeky Boyfriend: He spends most of him time playing video games. Chances are you met at a D&D campaign.

10. The MIA Boyfriend

10. The MIA Boyfriend

He never responds to texts and never calls you back. Is he even your boyfriend? Is he a ghost? Hmmm...