How To Defend Yourself From Creeps, According To A Self-Defense Instructor

You can never be too safe these days. A creep could be right around the corner. Follow these tips to make sure you're staying safe on the streets.

Alana Garcia
Created by Alana Garcia
On Feb 25, 2019
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You can never be too careful these days...

Luckily, there are some things you can do to protect yourself against these stealthy creepers...

Tip #1: Put your keys in between your knuckles while you walk: If someone creepy approaches you, you can strike them with your spiky fist!

Tip #2: Kick them in the groin: This is one of the most painful areas you can strike.

Tip #3: Use a pepper spray: Spray your attacker in the eyes.

Tip #4: Create resistance in your body: If they pull you, pull the other way. Make it hard for them to get you.

Tip #5: Shout "Back Off" in their face: This isn't the time to be demure. Make a huge scene. This will attract attention and get you help.

Tip #6: Never stop moving: If you get grabbed, wiggle around like a fish. Make it difficult for them.

Tip #7: Spray perfume in their eyes: If you don't have pepper spray, use perfume.

Tip #8: Throw dirt or sand in their face: If you happen to be in a woodsy or beauty area. Scoop up some dirt and throw.

Tip #9: Pull their hair.

Tip #9: Pull their hair.

If they have hair, pull it! It hurts like heck and will put them in a vulnerable position. Stay safe out there!