Does Your Partner Secretly Think You're Clingy?

There's nothing more annoying than an overly clingy S.O. Are you clingy and just don't realize it? Take this quiz to find out!

Alana Garcia
Created by Alana Garcia
On Aug 19, 2020

Are you a clingy partner? You might THINK that you're being totally normal in your relationship but this quiz might tell you otherwise. Signs of a clingy partner include things like texting a crazy amount throughout the day, panicking when your S.O. goes on a trip, checking your S.O.'s phone behind their back, abandoning your friends in favor of hanging out with your boyfriend/girlfriend. Does this sound like you? Find out once and for all if you're a clinger!

How many days per week do you spend with your partner?

How many times a day do you usually send a text to your partner?

Who is usually first to text when you haven't talked in a while?

What's your love language?

What type of field do you work in?

Which of these scenarios would be the most stressful to you?

Does your partner have a lock on their phone?

Have you ever looked at your partner's phone without asking them for permission?

What's your biggest pet peeve in dating?

How long have you been with your current partner?

Sorry, your partner thinks you're clingy

Sorry, your partner thinks you're clingy

According to your answers your partner may think you're too clingy. What are the signs of a clingy partner? Do you turn down invitations to hang out with friends so you can hang out with your S.O.? Are you constantly texting them because you're bored? Do you take on your partner's interests and hobbies? Do you feel like you would be in real danger if they weren't around? Well, you might be clingy. You might need to work on carving out your own space, feeling ok with your partner leaving you alone, and engaging more in friendships. Having an S.O. isn't everything. In fact, one of the reason's your S.O. probably fell in love with you was because they liked you for who you are, so keep being your amazing, individual self. Click here for more quizzes!

Your partner doesn't think you're clingy!

Your partner doesn't think you're clingy!

According to your answers, your partner doesn't think you're clingy. In fact, they're sometimes worried that you don't need them enough! You have done things to them like leave the house when things get heated or just not respond when they talk to you. You might be really busy at work or maybe you just love your alone time, whatever it is, you might need to work on your vulnerability and letting people in. It's very easy for you to walk away from people because you enjoy being alone, but your challenge will be to connect with someone else and actually show that you love and care about them. Click here for more quizzes!

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