Can You Finish These Iconic Keanu Reeves Movie Lines?

You've seen all the movies, now it's time to put your Keanu Reeves quote knowledge to the test!

Alana Garcia
Created by Alana Garcia
On Feb 15, 2021

Have you seen "The Matrix"? What about "Something's Gotta Give"? Keanu Reeves has had a varied movie career appearing in action movies, rom-coms and even animated features! As an actor, he definitely has a way with words and this Keanu Reeves movie quiz will test your memory on his most iconic quotes. How many can you remember? Try it out and don't forget to share your results with your friends to show them how much of a Keanu fan you are!

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"I want room service! I want the club sandwich, I want the cold Mexican beer, _____!"

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