8 Things To Stock Up On For When The Apocalypse Hits

Let's face it...the end of the world might be coming sooner than we all expected it to. Stock up on these essential survival items just incase the apocalypse

Let's face it...the apocalypse is upon us.

The government has shut down...

and North Korea is threatening nuclear war.

You need to make sure you're prepared.

1. Iodine pills: Also known as "potassium iodide".

2. A water purifier: And we're not just talking about a Brita pitcher. Get the best water purifier you can find.

3. Peanut Butter: Peanut butter has protein, carbs and fat. The ultimate survival food.

4. An axe: If you need to chop some wood for a fire, you'll have the tool to do it.

5. A portable gas-powered camping stove: This will be used to boil water for oatmeal. Maybe topped with peanut butter!

6. A first aid kit: Pretty obvious one...you might need this stuff for injuries or illnesses.

7. A large backpack: This is incase of a mass evacuation.

8. Rope

8. Rope

You might need this to tie your food to a tree to keep it away from bears, or to make a hammock to sleep in. You never know! Rope is always good to have on hand.