13 Things Only People Who Are Obsessed With Tea Can Relate To

Tea = life, life = tea. Wanna fight about it?

Alana Garcia
Created by Alana Garcia
On Nov 3, 2017
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Half the reason why you drink tea is to hold the cup.

Nothing is better than snuggling in bed with your jammies and a hot cuppa.


You have a special tea that you never offer to anyone.

It's a special roasted almond white tea that's only reserved for YOU.


You have every type of tea imaginable.

Your friends get excited when you offer them tea because they know they can literally have ANYTHING they want.


You have random tea bags all over your house, office and car.

You never know when you might need one.


You have a favorite tea mug you MUST use.

If it ever broke, you don't know what you would do.


You question someone's values when they decline your offer for tea.

Who doesn't want tea at literally every hour of the day? A monster, that's who.


You don't even wait for it to cool down, so what if you burn your tongue a little.

You want the full tea experience, so you're gonna drink it when it's piping hot.


You know EXACTLY how long to steep all the difference varieties.

White is 1-3 minutes, Green is 3 minutes, Black is 3-5 and Rolled Oolong is 3.5.


You consider "specialty teas" to be child's play.

Anything with added "natural flavors" is just a waste of time.


You pee is always clear from all the tea you didn't even notice you've been drinking.

You're always super hydrated without even trying.


Nothing is worse than accidentally letting your tea go cold.

You know you're better than that.


You like to hold your face over it and just...take it in.

You just like holding it and smelling it and pretty much everything about it.


You consider coffee drinkers to be secret addicts who can't control themselves.

You're not a tea-addict. You're a tea connoisseur and would never let your habit spiral out of control like most coffee drinkers have.

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