The HBCU quiz

Test your knowledge on historically black colleges and universities.

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Historically black colleges and universities began appearing in the American South in what year?

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Which Hollywood actor was expelled from Morehouse College for student activism?

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Which former Atlanta mayor was not a graduate of an HBCU?

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Which one of these four historically black colleges has an overwhelmingly white student body?

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Two HBCUs have far and away the greatest endowments, and the endowment at the No. 1 school is substantially larger than that at the No. 2 school. Which are Nos. 1 and 2?

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How many accredited HBCUs are in operation today?

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In 1863, a tree on this campus, which still stands, was the site of the first Southern reading of the Emancipation Proclamation.

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Shaw University was founded in 1865 and is considered the first HBCU in the South. But in 1870, another HBCU chartered itself as Shaw University. In 1872, that second school was forced to change its name to finally avoid confusion.

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North Carolina A&T State recently won the Black College national championship in football, beating perennial powerhouse Grambling State University. Who played in the first black college football game?

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